That Aggravating Beauty

Last weekend I went on an adventure! I was delighted when my friend Ashley invited me on a short tour to Seattle and Olympia to play with her project, Little, an expanding and contracting musical collective performing its members' original songs as well as classic bluegrass and old-time songs. I also had the absolute pleasure of traveling with Rye 'n Clover, an incredible songwriter and claw-hammer banjo player from Ithaca, NY, and Chelsea Kamm, a gifted shadow puppeteer whose new piece will be performed at the Hollywood Theater here in PDX at the end of April.

In addition to several great shows, we were also singing constantly in the car, on porches, and, once, to a truckful of baby piglets (ask about it some time). Since Ashley and I were brought together by a mutual obsession with the Carter Family, it seems appropriate that the following became our anthem... Recorded live at Reed College at the end of our tour, here's Rye n' Clover,  Ashley Blincow, and myself singing the old traditional by-way-of-A.P. Carter "Lulu Walls":

I love this song, #1 because the guy is an über-creep jealous weirdo and #2 because he somehow doesn't kill her! It's all built up like a country death song, down to the line "She only turned away and nothing would she say" (which I have heard many, many times but NEVER in a murder-free song), but then it's like they just forgot the write the murder verse. Very intriguing.

Anyway, hope you like it! You're welcome to download it from SoundCloud if you'd like. Remember to go check out Rye n' Clover's music (I recommend "Remember the Sunflowers") and stay tuned for news about where Little will be performing next.