Malachi Graham - Press Kit


Portland-based songwriter Malachi Graham presents noir-tinged alt-Americana inspired by complicated women. On her debut EP Selfish (2015), recorded to eight-track tape at Mike Coykendall’s Blue Room Studios in Portland, she channels female voices that are intoxicating, self-sabotaging, mesmerizing, and not preoccupied with being liked. With forceful, nuanced electric guitar, percussion, upright bass, and three-part harmonies led by her strong, unaffected voice, Malachi’s sound perfectly mirrors the honest and unapologetic heroines of her songs. 
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          guitar/vocals: Malachi Graham
          bass: Jamie Stillway
          drums: Jolie Clausen
          vocals: Erin Elliott & Ashley Blincow



"Malachi Graham knows how to tell a good story, and her 2015 debut, Selfish, is full of them... Plus, her voice is just plain awesome. If you could sing like Malachi Graham, you’d want to start an Americana band, too."   — Willamette Week

"Malachi Graham’s roots in Oregon go all the way back to the Oregon Trail, and her voice sounds like it, steeped in the individualism that won the West but also could make it a lonely place."  — Portland Tribune

"Graham's sound is neo-nostalgic and melodic, bluesy and moving, with rolling rhythms and soulful acoustics. Her lyrics are thought-provoking, complex and wry." — AXS

"Selfish sounds like a lonesome western confession right before the shoot-out begins."  — Anna Tivel




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